Ruchi’s Spice Box


Ruchi is a resident of Westborough, moving to the US with her family a decade ago. Ruchi has more than twenty years of culinary experience. During her extensive travel in her home country India, she developed a unique cooking style that is influenced by the diverse cuisines from around the Indian subcontinent. Over the years she has experimented and improvised traditional cooking making it accessible even to the most novice home chef. Ruchi provides a deep understanding of the origins and health benefits of spices which are an integral part of her healthy recipes. She strives to use simple, locally available ingredients in her recipes. Indian cooking is an art handed down from generation to generation; Ruchi shares her knowledge and expertise with you through her show Ruchi’s Spice Box.


Host: Ruchi Khanna

Ruchi’s Recipe Page


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Ruchi’s Spice Box:
Show Title Link
Ruchis Spice Box June 2016 Watch Now
Ruchis Spice Box - show 11 Watch Now
Ruchis Spice Box Show 10 Watch Now
Ruchis Spice Box episode 7 May2014 Watch Now
Ruchis Spice Box show 6 Watch Now
Ruchis Spice Box # 5 Watch Now

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