Westborough School Committee – April 10, 2017

You can watch the April 10, 2017 School Committee meeting on demand online or on Westborough TV’s GOV Channel (Verizon 28 or Charter 194) to hear their discussion on start times and several other topics.

The Start Time Subcommittee presented their proposal to the School Committee at this week’s School Committee meeting (Monday, April 10, 2017) for discussion purposes.  There will be a vote at the next School Committee meeting, currently scheduled for April 26th. The proposal from the committee (who have been working toward this recommendation for about 2 years) is for the following changes in school hours to be implemented in Fall of 2018:

Mill Pond – 7:45-2:02 (currently 8:08-2:25)
WHS – 8:10-2:37 (currently 7:30-1:57)
PreK-3 – 8:50-3:05 (no change, currently 8:50-3:05)

The subcommittee cited many benefits for the proposed changes and acknowledged some challenges that it would impose.

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