On the Sidelines – Howie Newman

Host Paul McGrath sat down for an interview with sports reporter and songwriter Howie Newman. A man who has spent his life connected to sports, both as a fan and in his professional life.

Howie had an eighteen-year career as a sportswriter and then paired that with his musical prowess to start writing songs about baseball. Howie also talks about traveling around and performing his Musical Baseball Show.

One of the most engaging performers on the New England folk circuit, Howie Newman combines music, comedy and audience participation to provide a truly unique entertainment experience.

His amusing compositions are up-tempo and catchy, and he keeps
things lively with funny between-songs banter and short comedy bits (there is also a smattering of serious songs).

Song topics include television commercials, baseball, cell phones,
middle age dating, the weather, intergalactic garbage collection and
more. And the material is totally clean, suitable for all ages.

Find out more about Howie Newman at his website; www.HowieNewman.com

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