Mill Pond’s 6th Grade Team Wonder Raises $4,300!

On June 21st Mill Pond’s 6th Grade Team Wonder Entrepreneurs opened their doors for business so their proceeds can be donated to a charity the team chose that is helping make the world a better place: Westborough’s “In Your Shoes.” From the Team Wonder website (found here: “Our journey started in April when students learned about businesses, mission statements, action plans, meetings, decision making, business emails, advertisements, marketing, customer success, planning, and finally, philanthropy. There were so many experts in the field and supportive colleagues along the way that without their help, would not have made this constructivist project possible. Students were asked to not only apply their academic skills, but they were tasked to draw on their critical thinking, problem solving, listening and speaking, and creativity. Please visit this page often for updates and reflections. Parents, thank you so much for modeling kindness and teaching our students that the world can be a kind and wonderful place!”
Westborough TV was there to capture footage of this educational, fun, and meaningful event! View a recap video here.

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