Make Way for Ducklings at WTV

A little adorableness (yes, that’s a word) in downtown Westborough this afternoon when some ducklings found their way safely across town with the help of a few good samaritans including Westborough residents Jim, Tracy and Alexa. The ducklings were on their own down near BSC and scurrying into town when Jim and Tracy worked to shepherd them away from the busy streets and finally into the cemetery across from Town Hall. Alexa found one little stray who got away on Milk Street and scooped her up to join her siblings. After unfortunately losing one of the group to a nearby cat, the ducklings were put in a plastic bin to protect them a bit while our co-op students Holly and Bethany kept watch from a distance. We waited, hoping their quacking would help track down the mother. No such luck! A couple calls led to Leona Pease from Animal Control (Shrewsbury) arriving at the scene. Leona and Tracy connected with Tufts and found a rehab location in Essex willing to take in the baby wood ducks. Tracy was kind of enough to drive them there, making for a (hopefully) happy ending for these 9 little quackers!

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