Living Well with Diabetes with Dr. Laura Alonso – March 21, 2019

Dr. Laura Alonso
MD, University of Pennsylvania
Fellowship in Endocrinology, University of Chicago
Associate Professor of Medicine and Director of Beta Cell Biological Studies at UMASS Medical School
George F. and Sybil H. Fuller Term Chair in Diabetes
Head of Research Lab at UMASS Studying Pancreatic Beta Cell Regeneration

Topics Discussed:
-Type 1 vs Type 2: The Difference
-Eating Well at Home and In Restaurants. Can I Still Enjoy a Good Party?
-Exercise: How Much and How Long? What are the Benefits and Concerns?
-The Use of Technology and New Therapies on the Horizon: Beta Cell Regeneration, Stem Cell Therapies, New Agents for Type 2
-Support Systems & The Importance of a Positive Attitude
-The Barton Center for Diabetes Education: Camps & Programs
-Q & A

View the full presentation here!

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