LIVESTREAM – WHS Graduation & Baccalaureate on

It’s your time to shine, Class of 2018!  For those interested, will have Baccalaureate playing LIVE tonight (Friday) at 7pm, and then Graduation LIVE tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm – rain or shine!  If you know someone who can’t attend, they can watch it LIVE right here on Tell Grandma in Myrtle Beach! Tell Uncle Bob in Chicago!  For anyone who wants to watch from the comfort of their home in Westborough, we’re also broadcasting out LIVE on Verizon Channel 26 and Charter Channel 194.

As always, we will also be recording the events and have the complete graduation ceremony (as well as baccalaureate and Mr. WHS) available to watch online at, or available electronically or on DVD if your grads would like their own copies.

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