Kick Up Confidence: Alyssa Dver Offers Tips You Can’t Miss

Episode 7: Confidence in College Planning. Watch Full Episode Now!

In this month’s episode of Kick Up Confidence, host Alyssa Dver talks with Meg Mahoney, a College Counselor at Collegewise about how parents and students can gain confidence in approaching what can feel like an overwhelming college admissions process.

Our guest expert: Meg Mahoney, is a College Counselor at Collegewise. She loves her job because daily she gets to work with students and families in the college admissions process decreasing their stress while helping them to achieve their college admissions goals with confidence. Meg is a licensed school counselor in Massachusetts with 8 years of experience working with hundreds of teens and families. A graduate of Northeastern University, Harvard University, and University of Massachusetts, Meg is also an outside reader of undergraduate applications for Bentley University. Recently she admitted to a librarian that she prefers reading college essays to best sellers.

Episode 6: Achieving Confidence in Managing Finances. Watch Full Episode Now!

In this month’s episode of Kick Up Confidence, host Alyssa Dver talks with Martin Lowenthal of the Bulfinch Group about achieving financial confidence. Alyssa and Martin will help people work through financial myths and eliminate guesswork to maximize and protect your wealth.

Our guest expert: Martin Lowenthal, was one of the youngest members of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and a founding member of the equity options, financial futures and commodity exchanges in South Africa. For 10 years, Martin was a partner at a boutique investment bank where he oversaw the nationwide trading desk that serviced institutional investors and high net worth individuals. He also worked with small to medium size enterprises access capital with securing capital and asset protection. A regular commentator on Bloomberg, Reuters and other media, Martin is passionate about helping individuals, families and business owners achieve financial confidence.

Episode 5: Dressing with Confidence – for Women. Watch Full Episode Now!

In this month’s episode of Kick Up Confidence, host Alyssa Dver talks with Doreen Dove, image consultant, style coach, speaker, and author of “Confidence is Always in Style.” Dove shares how women can be more confident while dressing with purpose, and through some examples and tips, demonstrates how confidence is always in style!

Our guest expert: Doreen Dove, is an award-winning expert in the field of Image Consulting with over 4 decades of experience empowering men and women to look good, feel good and dress with purpose every single day! She coaches clients to use style as a tool to take strategic control of their image so they can confidently embrace the possibilities of their future. She is a style coach, author and sought after speaker with an approachable personality and a great sense of humor!

Episode 4: Dressing with Confidence – for Men. Watch Full Episode Now!

In this month’s episode of Kick Up Confidence, host Alyssa Dver talks with Mary Murphy, a Senior Managing Partner with J Hilburn, Men’s Clothier to learn how men can be more confident dressers: is it that they really are not interested or do they just need a few tips to be more confident in their choices?

Our guest expert: Mary Murphy, a Boston College grad and mom of 5 has morphed from kindergarten teacher to founder of Hooray for Books to men’s personal stylist with J Hilburn.  She is also the founder of In Hopkinton by Women – a networking group for business owners as well as a speaker at Irelaunch seminars, platelet donor and Boston Marathon runner for Dana Farber.  She is currently a Senior Managing Partner, top seller and recruiter with J Hilburn and loves helping men find their style.

Episode 3: Confident Estate Planning – Watch Full Episode Now!

In this month’s episode of Kick Up Confidence, host Alyssa Dver talks with estate planning attorney Richard Feigenbaum to learn the steps involved in getting your estate plan done. Richard explains the process and key documents needed to confidently complete this awkward, but absolutely necessary, life task. Watch now!

Our guest expert: Richard Feigenbaum is a nationally recognized estate planning attorney in a private law practice in Wellesley, Massachusetts (Feigenbaum & Uddo, LLC). His practice is primarily comprised of estate planning and estate administration (probate law), specifically focusing on the use of trusts, charitable gifts and other tax saving and probate avoidance devices. Richard has authored several books, including: “The 529 College Savings Plan” and “Probating an Estate in Massachusetts” and has taught Probate Law for the Northeastern University Financial Planning Institute and the Professional Paralegal Program. Richard received his Law Degree, as well as a Graduate Law Degree in Taxation, from Boston University’s School of Law.

Episode 2: Taking a Confident Headshot – Watch Full Episode Now!

This month, host Alyssa Dver tackles a subject that many professionals hate having to deal with – the dreaded headshot for promotional materials!  Nicole Connelly of “Photo Fabulous You” joins Alyssa to try and offer some easy tips to follow for a better headshot and a better experience: Tip 1: Prepare, Tip 2: Come with a Good Attitude and Tip 3: Work with a Photographer you Trust.  Alyssa even jumps right in to do a shoot and shows us how the experience can be enjoyable and the end product can be fabulous!  Watch now!

Our guest expert: Nicole Connelly owner of Photo Fabulous You: Nicole’s company provides on-site Professional Style & Photography Services. She is located right here in Westborough but travels quite a bit to provide her services to time-strapped professionals and companies who wish to gain a winning presence in the workplace and online. Nicole became interested in photography while working in online marketing. She graduated from as a Digital Photographer from BU back in 2007 and has worked as a professional photographer for the past 5 years. Her clients include EMC, Philips, Avery Dennison, Winston Flowers and BNY Mellon just to name a few.

Episode 1: Selecting Wine with Confidence – Watch Full Episode Now!

Wine stores make you dizzy? Freak out when handed a restaurant wine menu? Learn from top wine educator, Jo-Ann Ross, how to select wine that fits your taste and budget. Get simple tips that anyone can use to select the right wine, every time.

This fun and free 20 minute video could save you a ton of money and disappointment – life’s too short to drink wine you don’t love! Watch now!

Our guest expert: Jo-Ann Ross,
Jo-Ann Ross, lifelong wine enthusiast, took a hobby and turned it into an active career. She holds the Diploma of Wine and Spirits from Great Britain’s Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). Jo-Ann is also New England’s First French Wine Scholar Instructor issued by the French Wine Society of Washington, DC and endorsed by Wines of France. Her newest honors include becoming an Accredited Bordeaux Wine Educator (200 in the world) and becoming the Greater Boston Napa Valley Vintners Wine Ambassador. Jo-Ann follows this wine motto: All that matters is whether or not *you* like the wine.


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