Join us Monday 3/28 for Cable Contract Public Hearing!

This Monday, March 28th at 7pm in Memorial Hall at Town Hall, there will be an important public hearing involving Westborough TV. We would appreciate any support you can offer us! We love serving the people of Westborough and hope the contract will reflect the financial support needed for us to continue the work we do to keep Westborough informed, entertained, and connected. Details follow.

1) What is this meeting about? Westborough’s Select Board-appointed Cable Advisory Committee (Brian McLaughlin, Steve Hart and Shelby Marshall) is holding this Public Hearing as part of the ascertainment process required during negotiations to determine whether to issue a cable television renewal license to Verizon of New England, Inc. The public is invited to attend and provide comments on whether Verizon is in full compliance with its currently existing cable license as well as what the future related cable needs are for the community of Westborough. Over 95% of the funding for Westborough TV (a not-for-profit organization that is not funded by local tax dollars) comes from the town’s cable contracts. Therefore, the outcome of this hearing and the final contract is of great importance to WTV’s future and our ability to provide the town with the services we currently offer.

2) What can you do to help? We need to demonstrate to Verizon that the programming and services being offered by WTV are a valuable part of our community and that you’d like to see a contract that is structured to fund WTV so we may continue to capture, create and deliver programming that is by, about and for the Westborough community. If you are so inclined, we are asking individuals, town departments/boards, and organizations that WTV has worked with through the years to please attend the meeting and make or read a brief public statement about the importance of Westborough TV to you. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we can also accept and would appreciate a statement from you in support of WTV that we can enter into the public record. That statement can be emailed to

3) Anything else to know? Yes, 2 things. 1 – this public hearing is also an opportunity to express any complaints about the cable service you receive from Verizon. 2 – this renewal contract and the Cable Advisory Committee have no control over broadband or streaming or internet or phone services or rates. This contract is solely about Verizon cable services.

The meeting is being held on Monday, March 28 at 7pm upstairs in Memorial Hall at Town Hall. Thank you so much for your support!

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