Gibbons Ready to Go!

They’ve been in hire gear at Sarah Gibbons Middle School all.summer.long working on the renovations that were started about 18 months ago. All that work has paid off, because the middle school was ready for students and staff this morning! For anyone wanting a sneak peek at the great improvements your Gibbons students are about to experience, check out this quick video tour we took last week with Principal Jack Foley, who has been awesome about letting WTV come in and capture the repairs and renovations in action. It really looks great – new classrooms, auditorium, gym, locker rooms, cafeteria kitchen, windows, sprinkler system…the list goes on and on.  Faculty and staff were effusive about how great everything is shaping up and residents will be very happy to see how well this project has come together.

If you were curious to see more, WTV also did a walk-through tour at Gibbons in June as this summer’s renovations got underway.  Feel free to checkout that tour below:

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