Frank and Mary COVID-19, Guests Carolyn Dykema & Roger Anderson

Rep Carolyn Dykema and Director of Wellness Roger Anderson joined Shelby Marshall and Arthur Bergeron on this edition of their show “Frank and Mary.”  Shelby and Arthur are bringing Westborough residents episodes focused on COVID-19 as it’s affecting us locally, with guests who can share all sorts of important information and answer common questions. Watch this week’s episode here!

In this episode, Roger Anderson from Westborough Public Schools discussed the new Westborough Fitness and Health tracking plan for the town and how the whole community can come together to walk all the way to the moon! Click here to find out more!

In the second half of their show, they were joined by State Representative Carolyn Dykema to discuss the State’s response to COVID-19 and what the state government is doing to help citizens. Rep. Dykema also talks about her newsletter which is keeping people updated during this time. You can sign up for that newsletter at to stay up to date.


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