F&M – Westborough Golf Club

This week’s guests are Jennifer Kirkland, Recreation Department Director, and Matt Griffith, Westborough Golf Club Professional and Golf Course administrator.

Westborough’s Golf Club has undergone significant operational changes over the past year +. The course operations are now the responsibility of the Recreation Dept, moving from historical management by a contracted arrangement with longtime golf professional, Jack Negosian. Jenn will walk us through this change. What it means to the Town in terms of budget impact, changes to how we funding works in this new model and of course, what these changes bring to the community in terms of recreation opportunities and community enhancements!

Matt will share his background with us and what he envisions for the golf course.

Watch this week’s episode here!

Shelby Marshall and Arthur Bergeron are bringing Westborough residents episodes focused on COVID-19 as it’s affecting us locally, with guests who can share all sorts of important information and answer common questions.


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