Corridor Nine BFF Luncheon Speaker Series

This year’s BFF program returns on September 13th featuring Digit Murphy, co-founder, United Women’s Lacrosse League (UWLX).  Visit to register.

The Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce offers a networking group for women entitled “Business Forward Females”(BFF).  The mission of this group is to encourage, support, educate and promote business women in the Corridor Nine region. Business Forward Females welcomes businesswomen from all professional levels and backgrounds to come together to share ideas and learn about relevant topics.

The meetings include a guest speaker and are held on the second Tuesday of the month over lunch at the Marlborough Courtyard. The meetings are open to Corridor Nine members for a fee, with a higher fee to any nonmember in attendance.

May 2016 – Randi Nichols

April 2016 -Dr-Susan-Engelkemey

March 2016 – Kim-Miles

February 2016 – Cherylann-Gengal

January 2016 – Julie-Chapleau

December 2015 – June-Wooding

October 2015 – Rebecca-Roman 

September 2015 – Hannah-Kane 

June 2015 – Judge-Denise-Meagher 

May 2015 – Alina Eisenhauer

April 2015 – Marie Jordan

March 2015 – Barbara-Gurtin

November 2014 – Mary Meg Walsh

May 2014 – Deborah Penta

Spring 2014 – Alice Domar

March 2014 – Christine Tieri 

February 2014 – Sheila Harrity

January 2014 – Wegmans / Kari Naegler 

2013 – Karyn Polito 

October 2013 – Deborah Becker 


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