Climate Action Plan Update December 2020

You will learn about the three primary Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction goals the Task Force has identified based on a community wide inventory of Westborough’s GHG emissions. You will also learn about the wide range of actions Westborough might take in the years ahead to meet our fair share of achieving the state’s climate goals, including NetZero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The presentation is designed to inform residents of the broader state legislative landscape on climate, environment, and energy, and the state programs and resources available for cities and towns. Community support will be critical to take timely, meaningful action to reduce our carbon footprint since. Learn how you can make a difference! You will need no prior knowledge about these topics and there will be ample time for Q&A. Our goal is to gain feedback from you, which can support the development of the Climate Action Plan document that will be finalized by March 2021. In addition, through this forum, we hope to encourage new folks to join the climate work based on their interest.
Watch the Zoom call here!

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