Cleaner electricity & new choices coming in November!

Take a look at this Westborough Power Choice Informational Presentation which offers an explanation of Westborough Power Choice, a town aggregated electricity program. Watch here! Westborough Power Choice gives Westborough residents and businesses a Town-vetted alternative to National Grid’s Basic Service and other electricity supply offers in the marketplace, consumer protections, and the potential for savings (though savings cannot be guaranteed), while also helping to support Westborough’s sustainability efforts. For more information, please visit

Beginning in November, Westborough will buy an additional 20% of its electricity from renewable sources like the sun and the wind, in addition to the minimum amount required by state law. In addition, prices will change, and a new Budget plan will be available. These changes are the result of a new electricity supply contract with Dynegy, which will take effect as the current contract with Public Power ends. Active participants do not need to take any action to participate in the new contract in November.

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