Chamber Awards 2015 Education Mini-Grants

The Corridor Nine Area Chamber of Commerce held its annual breakfast to present their 2015 Mini-Grants for Educators, a program designed to recognize teachers who are holding the fabric of our public schools together. The funding for the Mini-Grant Program comes from the generous support of private individuals, businesses and corporations in our communities. This year, the Chamber awarded the highest number of mini-grants since starting the program in 1996. Since inception, they have awarded 423 grants totaling $129,138.

This year’s Westborough recipients include:  Westborough recipients included librarian Barbara Zinkovich of Armstrong and Fales Elementary Schools, reading specialist Patricia McMunn and music teacher Karin Puffer of Armstrong Elementary, building technology specialist Dan Strickland of Gibbons Middle School, and kindergarten teacher Lauren Kennedy, “Math Plus” tutor Marianne Lynn Stepansky , and librarian John Maxwell of Hastings Elementary.

The Mini Grants Program provides grants of up to $400 each on a competitive basis for special and worthy projects that benefit students from kindergarten to grade 12. This program is designed to support the development of innovative teaching ideas and increase student motivation and enthusiasm by providing funds for instructional experimentation and enrichment activities.

Watch the full Corridor Nine Mini-Grants and Economic Forecast Breakfast.

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