Input Needed: 2016 Open Space Survey

The Town of Westborough and the Open Space Preservation Committee is asking that residents complete a brief “Open Space & Recreation Plan Survey” to help the town in updating our 5 year Open Space & Recreation plan.  This plan seeks to identify Open Space needs in town, including what we currently own and what we would like […]

Mass Wildlife: Exploring Moths & Other Nocturnal Insects

Mass Wildlife: Exploring Moths & Other Nocturnal Insects

WTV recorded the July 21, 2016 presentation of “Into the Night: Exploring Moths & Other Nocturnal Insects” at MassWildlife Headquarters. Watch the full presentation here. MassWildlife’s Invertebrate Zoologist Michael Nelson helped participants discover a world of beautiful colors and patterns and extraordinary diversity by explaining some simple techniques to observe moths. He offered luring techniques and […]

A Look at the Charm Bracelet Trails of Westborough

Don Burn of the WCLT (Westborough Community Land Trust) recently gave a talk at the Westborough Public Library about the hiking trails in Westborough he helped establish known as the “Charm Bracelet”.  Watch the full presentation here. The Charm Bracelet is a planned network of trails throughout the town consisting of three major pieces: 1) a roughly 28-mile […]

American Chestnut Restoration in MA – MassWildlife

WTV recorded the June 9, 2016 presentation at MassWildlife: American Chestnut Restoration in Massachusetts. Watch the full presentation here.  Most people are unaware of the enormous ecological disaster that the loss of the American Chestnut tree represents. Blightresistant American Chestnut seedlings, painstakingly developed and now planted adjacent to MassWildlife’s Field Headquarters, are a major step […]

Bird Conservation at Mass Wildlife

Bird Conservation at Mass Wildlife

WTV recorded the May 19th Bird Conservation at MassWildlife. Watch the presentation here.  Andrew Vitz, MassWildlife’s State Ornithologist, discussed the many ways MassWildlife is promoting bird conservation across the Commonwealth. Topics included the return of Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons, Piping Plover and Roseate Tern conservation, grassland and shrubland bird management, and what is being done […]

Mass Wildlife Open House Celebration for Familes & Nature Enthusiasts

Mass Wildlife Open House Celebration for Familes & Nature Enthusiasts

Join the MA Division of Fisheries & Wildlife this Saturday, June 4th from 10am-3pm for their 150th Anniversary celebration Open House!  Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and families, their free open house includes a chance to learn about everything from black bears to backyard birds, from dragonflies to deer. View MassWildlife’s fleet of vehicles including an airboat and trout stocking […]

“Linking Landscapes” Project Minimizes Impact of Roads on Wildlife

WTV recorded the April 14th presentation “Linking Landscapes” for Massachusetts Wildlife: Citizen Science and Road Ecology can Benefit Wildlife and Motorists.  Watch the full presentation here.  How can reporting roadkill help turtles and other wildlife, and keep motorists safe?  MassWildlife’s David Paulson and DOT’s Tim Dexter offered the answer as they discussed the mission of the Linking […]

Snakes of New England & The World

The Westborough Community Land Trust (WCLT) recently hosted a family-friendly event entitled “Snakes of New England and the World” presented by snake expert Rick Roth. Watch the presentation online here or on Westborough TV Verizon Ch. 24 & Charter Ch. 191 during the month of April.  This up-close-and-personal presentation was packed with adults and children learning to appreciate […]

MassWildlife: Amphibians & Vernal Pools Need You!

Come the first warm, rainy nights in spring, large numbers of salamanders emerge from their underground burrows and migrate to vernal pools to breed. The elusive Eastern Spadefoot might emerge, if weather and groundwater conditions are just right. Watch the presentation to learn about vernal pool ecology and about ongoing amphibian conservation projects from Matthew Burne […]