Business Forward Females Lunch – Emmy Monticelli

The topic for this month’s guest speaker was Dealing Effectively with Stress. We all know that eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and exercising help us to cope with stress, but who has time for that? The continuous demands of our jobs, hectic schedules and everyday lives keep us on the stress hamster wheel. We try to suppress the stress to make it through another day and tell ourselves we’ll deal with it later. But then later comes and it’s the same story. Our health, relationships and sanity suffer because, instead of effectively dealing with our stress, we continue to try to power through it.
In this interactive workshop we reviewed techniques to navigate the stress of our everyday lives mindfully. We addressed the stress by using tools to help us acknowledge it and decompress in the moment, so we regain focus, balance, and momentum more quickly and consciously.

Listen to the Podcast version here!

Guest Speaker:

Emmy Monticelli, CEO & Founder, Momentum Leadership Solutions, Inc.
Emmy is a certified leadership coach, facilitator, and speaker. She has spent most of her career in the service, retail, and cosmetics industries primarily in management and leadership roles. As she advanced throughout her career, Emmy transitioned into learning and development roles where her love of service and sales evolved into a passion for leadership and management training. Her upbringing amidst a family-owned business combined with her field leadership and corporate experience help her to understand the different needs and challenges among various organizational structures.
Since starting Momentum Leadership Solutions in 2016, Emmy has been transforming organizational and departmental cultures and improving results by developing leaders and managers at all levels within various industries. An experienced leader herself, Emmy understands the challenges of today’s managers and leaders. This understanding combined with her authentic, practical approach allows her to connect and engage with various audiences effortlessly. Known for her transformational trainings and engaging delivery style, Emmy creates awareness and a sense of empowerment that inspires leaders to take positive, productive action leading to more effective relationships and results.

Watch the Emmy’s Keynote speech here!

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