BFF Lunch – Deb Bercume – November 2022

Finding Fulfillment:
The last few years have changed how we work and has caused us to take a look at what is important to us in terms of work and our personal life. What motivated or fulfilled us in the past may not now or in the future. Identifying what you are passionate about and what fulfills you in your personal and work life, will lead to greater overall happiness and satisfaction.

Join us to gain insights on what may fulfill you, how to capitalize on it and enjoy life to the fullest.

Increase awareness of what keeps me at the “top of my game” and what “gets in my way”.
Identify top two core needs and values that drive you
Review how to use your top two core needs and values to become more fulfilled
It is with great pleasure that we have joining us, Deb Bercume, President of Bercume Associates, Inc., is a talented speaker and executive coach. She partners with professionals who want to move forward and achieve personal and professional fulfillment. Deb is known for her intuitive, direct approach with her clients to support them in “playing at the top of their game” and creating the life they want. She uses many tools and assessments focused on creating clarity, vision, and forward movement toward setting her clients up for success!

Watch Deb’s presentation here.

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