A People in Need: 2016 Mission Trip to Haiti

Westborough residents Art Sharkey and Mike Lawler are hoping to compel others in our community to join them this coming April on a mission trip down to Haiti. Drawn in by the great need of the Haitian people and the mission of Heartline Ministries, Sharkey and Lawler have spent the past few years traveling to Haiti to help support a country in need. They have been impressed by the multi-faceted mission of Heartline which include programs for Men’s Education and Training, Women’s Education and Training, Children’s Education, and a Maternity Center, which is desperately needed in a country that has the highest incidence of maternal and infant mortality in the Western Hemisphere.  Their trip this year is from April 16 – April 23 with a cost of between $1700 and $1800.

Watch the full interview with details here.  Those interested in learning more can contact Mike or Art at:
Art Sharkey: 508-366-4023, artsharkey@charter.net
Mike Lawler: 508-366-2322, mlawler@anchorengineering.com

For more information on Heartline Ministries, visit heartlineministries.org

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